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Dead by Daylight Ringtones

Spread fear amongst your fellow commuters. Or maybe in school in the classroom? Now you can load your mobile with Dead by Daylight ringtones and hopefully scare yourself as you get a call. Download now! Dead by Daylight Theme [MP3] Dead by Daylight Survivor Theme [MP3] Dead by Daylight Killer Theme [MP3] Beartrap [MP3] Chainsaw

Dead By Daylight at PAX

April sees PAX East hitting Boston from the 22nd - 24th. Dead By Daylight will be there at booth #9224. Our special booth of slaughter will be available for 5 players matches all day, every day and we can’t wait to be able to show this off to the public for real. Get your trembling

Peeling Back the Skin Series – Prototyping

Without a prototype, Dead by Daylight simply wouldn’t have been. The concept is clear enough, we did enough pitches to excite a lot of people over the years. We even made some very early prototypes more than six years ago. Ultimately, despite the obvious interest in the idea, it wasn’t enough to jump the bridge

Peeling Back the Skin Series – Whiteboard

Without doubt, the whiteboard plays a critical role in development of any game. Often I feel the need to vomit ideas onto a whiteboard which I subsequently forget. Dead by Daylight’s early phases had so much that we wanted to do I thought I would share a few of those initial whiteboards with you September