A deadly game of hide and seek

In Dead by Daylight, stalk, slash, and sacrifice your prey as a monstrous Killer, or join a team of four crafty Survivors working together to escape.

Killer Progression

Be evil. Get rewarded. When you’re a Killer, it’s good to be bad.

Dead By Daylight Progression Bloodpoints

Earn Bloodpoints

Rack up Bloodpoints by hunting, brutalizing, and sacrificing Survivors while using your Killer power to devious effect. The more you let your killer instinct shine the more Bloodpoints you’ll earn.

Dead By Daylight Progression Perks

Unlock Perks

Spend Bloodpoints in the Bloodweb to progress your Killer. You can buy Add-Ons, Offerings, and Perks which provide useful advantages and allow you to grow your skillset.

Dead By Daylight Progression Level Up

Level Up

Level up by using your Bloodpoints to purchase everything in your Bloodweb. Upon completion, your Killer will gain a level, and you’ll get access to a new Bloodweb with powerful new advantages.

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