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Chapter 24: Roots of Dread has come to Dead by Daylight, introducing new Killer The Dredge, new Survivor Haddie Kaur, and the new Garden of Joy map.

Following its arrival, we’re releasing several Collections, including the return of an earlier favourite: the Waterfront Massacre Collection, the Malicious Mannequin Collection, the Chrysalis Collection, and the Summer Vacation Collection.

Both the Waterfront Massacre Collection and Malicious Mannequin Collection are now available in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store. The Chrysalis Collection arrives on June 14th, with the Summer Vacation Collection following on July 4th.

Waterfront Massacre Collection

The Waterfront Massacre Collection returns with three new outfits for Haddie Kaur, Mikaela Reid, and Felix Richter.

Ah, the beach. The sound of the waves. The midday sun reflecting on the sand. The smell of salt in the breeze. Of course, that’s only one side of the coin. On the other side? Horrors lurking in ocean depths. Crabs feasting on sandy flesh. An ominous cloud of black fog, slowly coiling over the water...

Haddie Kaur – Overlap Diver – VERY RARE

This wasn’t exactly the beach day she had in mind. Plunging deep into the blackish-blue, Haddie scoured for signs of the shipwreck below.


Mikaela Reid – Sunlight Séance - VERY RARE

Mikaela knew the shells and stones she needed were only found by the water. The perfect excuse for a daytrip filled with sun, sand, and spellcraft.


Felix Richter – Yacht Couture – VERY RARE

It was almost as if Felix forgot how to relax. That is, until he unbuttoned his shirt and embraced the abundant benefits of yacht life.



“We are bringing back the beloved Waterfront Massacre collection,” explains Rose Li, Product Store Manager. “We wanted our new characters to enjoy a vacation on the beach.”

“Haddie will be our first character with textured bioluminescence splattered on her outfit,” she continues. “I hope it’s not too bright to get you caught. For Mikaela, she rocks anything that she wears, and we were all happy with how her beach look turned out. And while I acknowledge the requests for shirtless Felix, he’d much rather be on a yacht than in the water. That’s also quite the expensive shirt, so there you go!”

For more from the Waterfront Massacre Collection, including previous outfits for The Trapper, The Hillbilly, David King, and Nea Karlsson, check out Dead by Daylight’s in-game store.

Malicious Mannequin Collection

Get dolled up for a night on the town with this new Collection for Dead by Daylight’s latest Killer, The Dredge.

A towering manifestation of dark thoughts, The Dredge’s presence is horrific to behold – especially in this deeply unsettling state. Under certain light, it could almost pass for human.


The Dredge – Twisted Plaything – VERY RARE

A grotesque pile of neglected children’s toys has found a home. Should you gaze upon this decaying collection of hideous blank stares, playtime is over.


“I learned a new word during the creation of this outfit: Pediophobia,” says Product Store Manager Rose Li. The fear of dolls – and that’s exactly what inspired this outfit.”

Instil that very phobia in Survivors with the disturbing Malicious Mannequin Collection, now available in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store.

Chrysalis Collection

Undergo transformation and emerge reborn with The Chrysalis Collection, featuring new outfits for The Deathslinger, The Doctor, and Nea Karlsson.

How many insects coexist among us? Too many to count. While many recoil in their presence, others are drawn by their strange and fascinating beauty. Like moths, fluttering ever closer to a flame.

The Deathslinger – Twilight Swarm – VERY RARE

Even after the swarm consumed his visage and infested his flesh, his aim never faltered.


The Doctor – Resident Infestation – VERY RARE

Symptoms include skittering movement beneath the skin, painful pustules of insectoid origin, and severe, maddening irritability.


Nea Karlsson – Butterfly of the Night – VERY RARE

An artist’s metamorphosis is compelling to behold. She drew inspiration from that which so often goes overlooked.



Product Store Manager Rose Li discussed the creation of the Chrysalis Collection. “The core focus of these outfits – and those still to come – is the strange beauty within transformations in insects, particularly moths. When I spoke about this Collection with DbD’s Creative Director Dave Richard, he said ‘the radical transformation from caterpillar to moth is evocative of change, death, and rebirth.’ That is what we’re looking to capture.”

Transform The Deathslinger, The Doctor, and Nea Karlsson with the Chrysalis Collection, available in Dead by Daylight’s in-game store on June 14th.

Summer Vacation Collection

Revisit your roots with the Summer Vacation Collection, which features new outfits for Kate Denson and Dwight Fairfield.

Whether spending time with family or trying a new side-hustle, there’s no time like the summer. And while those carefree times are long gone, those cherished memories of laughter and possibility will never fully fade.

Kate Denson – Down Home – VERY RARE

Some melodies sound better under the sun, and the forests back home never failed to inspire creativity.


Dwight Fairfield – Counselor Loadout – VERY RARE

Though some questioned his ability to lead defiant youths along a gruelling woodland hike, counselor Fairfield was certainly no stranger to the art of camping.



“Dwight can never have too many part time jobs, so we put him in a summer camp as instructor,” explains Rose. “Fun fact: the camp logo was changed many times because we couldn’t find a way to properly incorporate Beaver into the camp’s name and logo. Kate visiting her family down south was a theme we have been wanting to do for a while, and what better time than during the 4th of July holiday?”

Give Kate and Dwight some much needed R&R with the Summer Vacation Collection, available July 4th in the in-game store.

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